We are so excited to announce a new online giving platform. We decided to change giving platforms from Tithely to Planning Center in order to be better stewards of the resources the Lord has allowed us to use for the building of His kingdom!

Planning Center's "Giving" platform will allow us to:

- Save all of us money in fees.

    To be good stewards of your offering, we ask if you can, check the "cover fees" box so your offering does not get swallowed up in fees. Over time, these fees add up to a large portion of all offerings given.

- Offer you three ways to give:

(1) online via our church website and
(2) Text to give (coming soon!) and
(3) on your phone through the "Church Center" app available for:

-Apple                                      -Android

- Consolidate our resources and church database to help us serve you better and more efficiently.


Cancel Tithely Payment Here


    Need help? Here are some instructional videos to get you started:

Online Giving

Church Center App

If you have any difficulties, please feel free to email our Family and Member-Care Pastor at

Click here to give today!

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