One of the Core Values at Redemption Church is Christ-Centered Worship. Believers are to constantly worship individually with their lives and are also expected to gather to worship as the local church. This genuine worship glorifies God rather than man and is not limited to one expression. Our worship gatherings always lead participants to proclaim and encounter the truths of Scripture and to respond in confession, adoration, and praise. Music is a great vehicle for the church to use in order to realize these elements of worship, but is not the only means. We also incorporate these parts of worship through Scripture reading, silent or corporate prayer, congregational readings, and other means.

In worship gatherings at Redemption Church, you should come prepared to actively participate in the worship of the Triune God. The goal of our worship services is not to perform for or entertain an audience. Congregational participation is paramount in every aspect of our worship gatherings. We believe worship gatherings should be a natural result of the overflow of individual lives of worship and thus believe each participant is responsible for preparing himself for worship services.

Since unbelievers are not capable of genuine worship, we do not use our worship services as platforms for evangelism. We rather hold to the biblical picture that our genuine worship will show unbelievers the presence and power of God in the church's life and trust that God will draw people to Himself as He makes Himself known through His church both individually and corporately.

We use music of many different styles and are continually growing our repertoire of styles as well as songs. There is, however, a non-negotiable common thread in all the music that is used in worship at Redemption Church. We only use music that is thoroughly Biblical, theologically sound, God-focused, and aesthetically acceptable.

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