Nursery Well-Child Policy

Our Well-Child Policy 

1) For the protection of all children and workers, neither children nor workers with any of the following symptoms will be admitted into the classrooms:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours
  • Consistent runny nose or yellow or green discharge from the nose
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • Severe or consistent coughing
  • Pink Eye or eye infection
  • Head Lice (must be treated, nit free and checked upon reentering) or scabies (must complete treatment before reentering)
  • Any skin infection or unexplained rash
  • Mouth sores or any other open draining sores of the skin
  • Any symptoms of other diseases/illnesses such as strep throat, chickenpox, hand-foot-and-mouth, croup, whooping cough, Covid-19, etc.


2) Excusing a child or teacher – If a child becomes ill while in class or exhibits any of the above symptoms, teachers should notify the parent at once to pick up the child. It is important to graciously inform parents of the Well-Child Policy. If necessary, the teacher may notify the Preschool Director(s) who will use their discretion to determine if the child should remain in the class or be dismissed for the day. Teachers who are ill shall enlist a substitute in advance, if possible, and contact the Director(s).  If the illness begins while teaching, contact the Preschool Director(s) or a Ministry Leadership Team member and ask to be excused.


3) Precautionary measures –We ask that Teachers and Parents abide by the following precautionary measures as some illnesses may be life-threatening to infants and young children, or even other adults:

Teachers, we ask that you not serve on your scheduled day or in the next few weeks following exposure if you have:  

  1. come into close contact with someone who has the flu, Covid-19, swine flu, stomach virus, or any number of other serious viruses.
  2. someone in your household who has the flu, swine flu, Covid-19, stomach virus, or any number of other serious viruses.

We also ask that parents use discernment when checking in the siblings of a sick child, as they may be contagious.


If any of the above symptoms listed in this document are exhibited, we ask that you please stay home to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Thanks for your cooperation in our policies especially in these unprecedented times.

Updated 7/30/2020

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