As a church family we try to focus on these two essentials to our walk with Christ.  This page is to help you as a believer to grow in these two areas.  There is also a list of what the church is currently praying for below.

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 How to pray for our church in 2018

  1. Staff –

-       Pray for God to grow the staff in their own walks with God.

o   Byron Brown – Senior Pastor

o   Jared Berry – Associate Pastor of Youth

o   Andrew Pohlmann – Worship Minister

-       Pray for God to anoint and use the staff to lead and equip our church well.

  1. Worship Ministry –

-       Pray for God to send us more musicians and tech team members.

-       Pray for God to continue to grow our church in genuine worship

  1. Youth Ministry –

-       Pray for Consistency and growth

-       Pray for a productive year in planning in doing new events

-       Pray for salvation for youth

-       Pray for the youth group to grow in size and maturity

-       Pray for the transition to the new building

-       Pray that we can reach the families of the youth with the gospel

-       Pray for the Youth in our Redemption Youth Ministry to make disciples out of their friends and people they meet

  1. Children Ministry –

-       Pray for the salvation of children

-       Pray for God to raise up additional teachers for our Children’s ministry

-       Pray for families who are having different struggles – financial, relational, and other struggles

-       Pray that God will provide all the finances needed for Children’s Camp this Summer

  1. Harvest –

-       Let’s pray that God will give us laborers to prepare for the Harvest of souls that God will give us.

-       Let’s pray that God will give us a harvest of souls for His Kingdom in 2018.

  1. Compassion Ministry

-       Pray that God will save people we come in contact with through our Compassion Ministry.

-       Pray that God will empower our workers to be filled with the Spirit, to have patience, compassion, and boldness with the gospel.

  1. Small Group Bible Study –

-       Pray that God will raise up more Small Group leaders as we prepare for the transition to our new facility.

-       Pray that God will help our present Small Group teachers to be filled with the Spirit and have insight into God’s Word as they study and teach.

-       Pray that our Small Groups will continue to grow in their Care for one another.

  1. Our New Church –

-       Pray that God will help the construction to move forward steadily an efficiently

-       Pray that God will help us build cost effectively and as close to debt free as possible

-       Pray that God will sell our back 7 lots.

  1. Our Hunger for God –

-       Let’s pray that we will be a people that will seek the face of God and love God more than anyone or anything.

  1. Easter –

-       Let’s pray that God will give us a great Easter service.

-       Pray for good weather

-       Pray for Christians who are not connected to a church anywhere to come

-       Pray for the people that we will invite to come

-       pray for the salvation of lost people

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