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Preschool (infants – 4 year olds) – The little ones entrusted to our care are very valuable to us! This is why we seek to cultivate a nurturing environment where each child is loved and taught key stories from the Bible that will lay a biblical foundation for their growing faith.

5 year olds - 3rd Grade  “The ABCs of God” is a study for children on the greatness and worth of God. Children will be taught who God is and what He is like as they learn the attributes of God and other terms that describe His amazing character. (Cost: $10 donation towards the cost of the child’s book).

Grades 4-6 “Teach Me Your Way” – is a study that guides students to both surrender to Jesus in salvation and submit to His way in obedience. Students will be learning how to “put off the old self” and “put on the new self” as well as to examine their own heart attitudes in light of Scripture. Students will create a journal in class that will be used over the course of this year’s study.

Grades 7th-12th - THE LIFE: EMBRACING THE LIFE OF A CHRIST-FOLLOWER – Students this year will be challenged in their understanding of what it means to truly live as a disciple of Christ and that the call to Faith in Christ is also a call to a transformed life. This exciting study will explore such topics as imitating and worshipping God, developing a hunger to know God more, and impacting the world for Christ.


(2 Bible Study Options)

Introduction to the New Testament (Teacher – Brandon Jenkins) – This class will explain the background of each book in the New Testament in order to help believers grow deeper in their own personal Bible study. Those who take this class will gain further insight as to the author of the book, the characters in each book, the historical setting of the day, and the audience to whom it was written. Learning the background of the New Testament will enable one to understand each book of the Bible in greater detail and with greater clarity.

How to Study Your Bible (Teacher – Pastor Byron) – Every believer needs good study practices on how to read and get the most out of their Bible. The goal of this class is to help believers learn basic study principles so that they will know how to study the Bible and understand a word, a verse, a paragraph, or a chapter in its context in order to clearly know what God says in His Word.

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